Dog Temple

Rescue and care of Goa's stray dogs

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Dog Temple is an institution that was founded in 2016.

At the moment we are caring for about 30 dogs here at our place between Mandrem and Arambol.

Most of them are female and were dumped on the road when they were still small puppies.

The locals only want male dogs, so the females get thrown away - left to die.

Shanti puppy
Shanti, one day after we rescued her from the street. She did not have any hair and was full of parasites and worms.

Mogly puppy
Mogli, a starving, half-dead little puppy boy from Ashvem on his first day in the Dog Temple.

We have collected them, saved them from being runover or starving.

The animals in our care show how beautiful, innocent and intelligent the stray dogs really are.

Pupsi puppy
Pupsi, one hour after she was found on the street, washing away the fleas and parasites.

Pupsi dog
Pupsi after 4 months in our care.

Dog Temple Team

Silky and Michael from the Dog Temple team.